Rick's Transplant Rant:

Organ Transplants are still no where near as common as they should be. There are so many accidents in the world, that if everyone who died in these unfortunate situations was an organ donor, we would have somewhere on the order of 10 to 100 times the organs that are needed for people on current waiting lists. If that was the case, many amazing people such as my sister would almost certainly still be here today. More organ donors create an environment where people like Heidi will have an organ available when they need one. Furthermore, additional organ donors imply more transplant operations, and with more operations come more highly skilled doctors. The expertise these doctors bring with them is not only effective on the operating table, but also in the laboratory aided with the availability of much needed resources used to research anti-rejection and other post-transplant medications. The current success rate dictates that 80% of patients will live through the surgery and up to one year. The average life expectancy for a cadaveric lung transplant is approximately 5 years. These numbers are well below where they should be. A lung transplant, could become as mundane as getting your wisdom teeth removed. With a higher rate of both receiving and living through the actual transplant, and better drugs following the transplant, patients would be able to once again life their life as easy as you and I do.

Just think that all it takes is for you to make sure your family knows that if an accident were to take your life, you would like to donate a portion of your dead body to save someone else's life. Realize that having an organ donor sticker on your license or carrying an organ donor card is still a good idea (you can print a donor card by clicking on the link on the left side of this page), conversely, this will not guarantee that your wish is granted. Your family will probably be in a state of shock, and only one person needs to unknowingly or unwillingly choose to not honor your decision. So, let's say you have an accident tomorrow, whose fault will be that your body was wasted? I think that answer is clear. Please ensure that the gifts of your body will be bestowed upon some other individuals. Do not be selfish and let your family's mind be fogged when a decision must be made. If necessary, for those of you who knew my sweet sister Heidi, think of her, and act now to help others (like Heidi's friend Tiffany who has CF and is currently awaiting a lung transplant) who are in a similar situation. -Rick

PLEASE tell your family that you would like to BE AN ORGAN DONOR - Heidi